Ending Homelessness

Workforce Development

When Arm In Arm works with job trainees in our Workforce Development program, the ultimate goal is to see these men and women find stable employment or placement in career-advancing education. With hands-on experience, mentoring, and job-search support, our program members build stronger resumes and make themselves more prepared to enter the job market. For six months, mornings spent assisting ...
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More Than Just Outreach

A lot of what we thought were negatives are actually positives if we can learn how to turn them around. I've been through so much, I feel like I can overcome anything.
Reflection shared by Luis Rivera, Arm In Arm outreach worker He comes in with an expression that can best be described as desperation and fear. He said that I was not going to believe what “THEY” are trying to do to him now. He was full of negative thoughts. He had missed several follow up appointments, but I had seen him in the streets while doing outreach and reminded him that we had to me...
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From the Times of Trenton: Feds grant Trenton $3.8M to help house the homeless

By Kevin Shea kshea@njadvancemedia.com For NJ.com TRENTON -- The city announced Thursday they've received a $3.8 million federal grant to aid their ongoing partnership work in finding shelter for the homeless. Homelessness continues to be a "troubling national problem" for which federal funding is key to ending, Mayor Eric Jackson said in a statement announcing the grant. "Locally...
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Connecting with Our Homeless Neighbors

Kevin and Luis with Cynthia and Arm In Arm ED Carolyn
A parent struggles to make ends meet. A veteran deals with trauma while readjusting to civilian life. A young person tries to get out of a bad situation. Homelessness doesn’t always look the way we expect to see it. Arm In Arm has worked for over thirty years to help families keep a roof overhead in Mercer County through back rent, security deposit, and utilities assistance. But what about some...
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Vanessa, Crisis Ministry staff member

The Crisis Ministry receives hundreds of calls each month from people facing shut-off of utilities due to non-payment. We assist as many qualifying callers as we can with direct payments of up to $400 to the utilities. In some cases, however, the cause of the issue calls for a different kind of help. “I always try to find other ways to help when there’s some type of red flag,” says Crisis Mi...
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Michael Brown
“Homelessness affected several areas of my life,” says Michael. “I wasn’t providing for my five-year-old daughter. I wasn’t in contact with my family, and they worried about me as I moved from house to house with friends or to a shelter. Homelessness has been intrinsic to my life since the beginning,” he adds, starting with abandonment as a baby by his mother and being raised in her mother’s crowd...
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The Crisis Ministry Issues the 50-Family Challenge

The Crisis Ministry Issues the 50-Family Challenge – A community-wide campaign to keep 50 families housed with help from Accenture (TRENTON) – Accenture has donated $15,000 to the Crisis Ministry of Mercer County – along with a challenge for the community to match an additional $15,000 to help the organization support the housing of fifty families. Donations totaling $30,000 will provide direc...
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