Donate Food/ Organize a Food Drive

Food and personal care drives help Arm In Arm serve more people while adding variety for our customers. Please remember to check the expiration dates before donating your items. To organize a food, personal care, or household products drive, please email Shariq Marshall. To donate from your garden or farm share or to learn about activities in Arm In Arm’s vegetable garden, email us at Download suggestions for:

Nothing beats fresh, local produce in the summer. Here are three easy ways you can partner with Arm In Arm:

  • Give a portion of your CSA farm share to our pantry, or consider purchasing a share exclusively to donate.
  • Set aside a portion from your own vegetable garden for Arm In Arm.
  • Talk to your school or congregation about sharing a portion of their community garden harvest with Arm In Arm.

Community food drives, organized by our partner, Yes We CAN! Food Drives, take place throughout the year at local grocery stores and farmers markets. To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Shariq Marshall or Alison Politziner (Yes We CAN!).

Give Healthy Online Food Drive 

Your organization can sponsor their own #GiveHealthy drive to help support Arm in Arm and provide people in our communities with fresh, healthy foods. A Give Healthy drive reduces food insecurity while providing people access to healthier foods and leading to healthier people. The #GiveHeathy Digital Food Drive works by allowing people to select fresh food items, such as fruits and vegetables, via a standard e-commerce transaction for donation. Once a drive is over those foods selected will get delivered to Arm in Arm and will be distributed among the community to allow people to have access to fresh, healthy foods! 

Step 1: If you would like to organize your very own Give Healthy drive go to their website and fill out the form as a “Drive Organizer” 

Step 2: A member of the Give Healthy team will reach out to the organization of your choice to determine the best healthy items to best serve their clients. 

Step 3: A member of the Give Healthy team will create a webpage with a shareable link where people can purchase fresh, healthy items through a standard e-commerce transaction.

Step 4: Once the drive is over, Give Healthy will deliver all purchased items to the organization. 

To learn more or to set up your own Give Healthy drive please click here.