From the Times of Trenton: Feds grant Trenton $3.8M to help house the homeless

By Kevin Shea For TRENTON -- The city announced Thursday they've received a $3.8 million federal grant to aid their ongoing partnership work in finding shelter for the homeless. Homelessness continues to be a "troubling national problem" for which federal funding is key to ending, Mayor Eric Jackson said in a statement announcing the grant. "Locally...
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Volunteer Reflection by Andre Biehl

The following guest post was written by volunteer Andre Biehl. For me, volunteering is a passion. I have been volunteering at Arm in Arm since 2015, when I was in 7th grade. In my work, I restock shelves with healthy foods and help clients select their food items. I have staffed the client intake desk, helped deliver food to home-bound people in Trenton and, because I speak Spanish, have transl...
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Join Us for Lunch This Summer!

Free Summer Lunch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6/26-9/1 at Arm In Arm.
This summer, Arm In Arm, with support from Mercer Street Friends Food Bank, will offer free lunch to children and teens in our Trenton community through the USDA’s summer meals program. “Our board and staff are thrilled to be able to expand our mission to end hunger,” comments Arm In Arm Executive Director Carolyn Biondi, “Through the USDA’s summer food service program, we will be able to provide ...
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Connecting with Our Homeless Neighbors

Kevin and Luis with Cynthia and Arm In Arm ED Carolyn
A parent struggles to make ends meet. A veteran deals with trauma while readjusting to civilian life. A young person tries to get out of a bad situation. Homelessness doesn’t always look the way we expect to see it. Arm In Arm has worked for over thirty years to help families keep a roof overhead in Mercer County through back rent, security deposit, and utilities assistance. But what about some...
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Gretchen Jaeckel

Every Tuesday, Gretchen Jaeckel arrives at the Crisis Ministry’s Princeton food pantry, ready to work. Sleeves rolled up, Gretchen unpacks boxes and then breaks them down, stocks shelves, sorts through produce, separates the good fruit from the spoiled, and tidies up the store. All of this before the doors even open to clients. This busy routine suits Gretchen. Besides being a wife an...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Helen Burke

Helen Burke, Homelessness Prevention volunteer.
Monday mornings, iced coffee in hand, Helen Burke arrives at the Crisis Ministry to volunteer as an intake specialist in our Homeless Prevention program. Helen first came to the Crisis Ministry in response to a leaflet she received at Trinity Church about volunteering. “At first, I thought, well I could volunteer in Princeton,” muses Helen, “but when I came to Trenton for the interview, I ...
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The story of C., a mother of two children with disabilities, illustrates how the program’s relatively low individual direct costs can lead to life-changing results. When C. came to the Crisis Ministry for assistance in March 2012 she was not working, and her family’s sole income came from the disability payments (Social Security Disability Income) both children receive. She wanted to get back to w...
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