Today, we are faced with a crisis affecting millions of people across the globe. Right here in Mercer County, families you know are facing extensive hardships, forced to choose between food to eat or a place to live, buying diapers or keeping the lights on, or risking health and safety to report for a job that fails to provide a living wage. These are families we see in our schools. Pass in our stores. Sit next to in our places of worship. Wave to on our street. Now more than ever, these families need you.

Will you mobilize with us?

We appreciate all gifts to our organization in support of neighbors in need. At this time, monetary donations are the most effective, as they allow us to pivot based on current and changing needs.

If you would prefer to make a donation by check, our mailing address is:

Arm In Arm
1 N. Johnston Ave.
Suite A230
Hamilton, NJ 08609