Still Standing Program

Still Standing 

Still Standing is a group for single mothers who meet monthly to encourage and support one another towards positive growth and change.

The benefits of the program are:

  •  A personal coach to provide support, resources and addressing concerns
  • Gain knowledge regarding personal finances including budgeting and credit worthiness
  • A matching savings account to be used for homeownership, educational pursuits, etc
  • ZOOM monthly meetings with Still Standing Coaches and participants that provide guidance, life experiences and community support to overcome challenges that may hold us back.

  • Virtual monthly events for your school-aged child(ren) to participate in age-appropriate fun activities while learning, socializing and meeting new children knowns as “Kids Zone”.

Our goal is to raise Mercer County single women and their families permanently out of poverty into self sufficiency while continuing to meet the needs of their families.

As coaches/mentors we work participants to improve housing stability; individual well-being; family well-being; education and job advancement; financial literacy in order to foster self-sufficiency and improve academic performance by children.

We have seen the impact of the work. Currently we have 12 women in the program whom we meet with regularly as a group, and individually and we also host activities for their children

  • 2 Women now qualify for mortgages
  • 4 women are taking advantage of our savings match program—very exciting
  • Also hosting a financial empowerment workshop

One of our biggest developments this year is the addition of a Spanish Speaking Still Standing Group. 

If you are interested please contact Vanessa Lagares at OR  Angie Vargas at