Representative Payee Program

Financial Management Solutions for Social Security Disability and Social Income Beneficiaries.

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Representative Payee Program 

A representative payee is a person or agency that offers financial management assistance to individuals who need support in managing their personal financial affairs. 

In an effort to reduce or eliminate financial exploitation or mismanagement of funds, the representative payee program’s objective is to ensure at risk individuals continue to receive their monthly benefits to pay for shelter, food and clothing. 

With bills paid, our clients can live as independently as possible and as comfortable as possible within the means of their income. 

A Representative Payee Assists With: 

  • Determining the beneficiary’s current and future needs and using his/her payments to meet those needs. 

  • Collaborating with beneficiaries on budgeting and money management 

  • Reporting any changes or events which could affect the beneficiaries eligibility for benefits 

  • Distributing benefits after the bills are paid to the beneficiary in a responsible manner to help keep the beneficiary funded throughout the month so basic needs are met. 

How to Obtain a Representative Payee

First a beneficiary must determine that they are no longer able to manage their finances on their own.

Once that decision is made then our agency can work toward becoming their payee and manage their assets

We begin with an initial face to face interview. At that time, a budget is established and forms are signed to begin the process. 

Once all the requirements are met, the application is submitted to Social Security for the client. 

Upon submission of the application it usually takes thirty to sixty days for payee services to be in place. 


Current Clients

Representative Payee services are still running for current clients. Please note we are no longer meeting clients in-person. All clients with addresses will receive their checks via USPS mail. All rent and bill payments will be made by Arm In Arm as usual. Any client without a current address or questions can contact Suzanne Gomez at 609-396-9355 x26 or

Representative Payee Program Contact 

Suzanne Gomez 
609-396-9355 Ext. 26