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In our area of plenty, the essentials of life are out of reach for far too many. With your support, we can change that.

During the holidays, what does it mean to you to have a hot meal on the table, the warmth of home, and a job to afford it all? For our neighbor Devin, it means a sense of stability for him and his three siblings. Devin’s parents struggled with addiction for years; he can recall days without food, nights without electricity, and eventual eviction from the place they called home. When his siblings were placed into foster care, he turned to Arm In Arm to help him bring his family back together and create the security they so longed for.

“Arm In Arm has been a blessing to me, creating a reality where we…have a safe space to live,” says Devin. “These services are [so] important…There are countless families down and out like mine, all hoping and wishing to be stabilized and together during the holidays.”

Give today to ensure everyone in our community thrives.