New Volunteer Group Sponsors Community Cabinet

Arm in Arm is excited to announce a new partnership with Khufu Court #118- a charitable and benevolent organization that: stresses the development of powerful leaders; encourages health awareness; provides services to help disabled and senior citizens; provides for effective networking among its members and other organizations; recognizes and celebrates the historic and current achievement of African American women; exerts positive influence and utilizes the tool of role modeling for youth, teenage mothers, high school and college students; and disseminates information for educational opportunities and career planning to youth and young adults.

The daughters of Khufu Court #118 are a membership of 111 women who strive to set examples of positivity, love, and prosperity within our community.

They are currently under the leadership of Dt. Darrea Hoffman for the 2021 administrative year.  She has focused her entire administration around charity and the daughters working together to build up our community. To date, they have served our community by ensuring that children who remain in school hybrid situations have the proper PPE (i.e.: face mask and hand sanitizer) to maintain social distancing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have also supported many area nursing homes by providing personal care items and monetary donations, and have joined with Arm in Arm to help donate, package, and provide food to the less fortunate and in addition have agreed to sponsor Arm In Arm’s new initiative- The Community Cabinet. 

In addition to their volunteer activities, Khufu Court makes monetary donations annually to the United Negro College Fund, book award scholarships to college students, Health and Medical Research, American Cancer Society, National Diabetes Initiative, NAACP, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Autism Speaks, and other civic and special interests.

Arm in Arm looks forward to this continued partnership.


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