Arm In Arm Hosting a Free Farmer’s Market


TRENTON, NJ: On Friday, April 9th from 10:00am-12:00 pm, Arm In Arm will be hosting a Farmer’s Market outside of their 123 East Hanover Street location in Trenton. Clients will receive fresh fruits and vegetables including bell peppers, onions, apples, oranges, bananas, spinach, potatoes, and more!

Arm In Arm Board member and regular volunteer, Adrian Colarusso, teamed up with Shariq Marshall, Arm In Arm’s Operations and Volunteer Coordinator, to arrange this event in an effort to meet the needs of our Trenton neighbors, who need our help now more than ever.

“I’m looking forward to working with my family and close friends – in-person, outdoors, socially-distanced, and masked, of course. I think it’s a safe way to get some much-needed human connection and to get fresh fruits and vegetables to our neighbors, who could use some help during these times,” said Board member Adrian Colarusso. “I hope that others, like me, realize that they too could block off one morning (just a half day!) from their work calendars, once per month, to get involved with Arm In Arm. Sign-ups for regular slots Monday through Thursday are super easy through Shariq’s system. I think many will find, like I have, that employers are happy when their people are investing in their communities. And if you own your own company or manage a team, I hope you use your power to mobilize your people towards these community-building volunteer activities.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, Arm In Arm has steadily increased its levels of service, now providing over 2,800 grocery deliveries to families per month. Pre-pandemic, Arm In Arm served up to 100 families once during a fresh produce market on Hanover Street. Arm In Arm knows the need is there and hopes this week’s Farmer’s Market will help to feed even more families.

“Arm In Arm continues to work with our caring and dedicated volunteers and supporters to fill the needs in our community. This Farmer’s Market will allow us to provide our neighbors with fresh, healthy produce, which is often hard to come by and expensive. I am grateful to Adrian for his passionate commitment to serving the families in our community and for spreading the word and engaging others to help,” said Arm In Arm Executive Director David R. Fox.

To learn more about Arm In Arm’s Farmer’s Market, call 609-396-9355.

About Arm In Arm

For four decades Mercer County families have turned to Arm In Arm for essential resources like food and financial support. Formerly known as The Crisis Ministry, Arm In Arm was founded in 1980 by leaders of Nassau Presbyterian Church and Trinity Church in Princeton to help community members who were struggling financially. Today twenty staff members and hundreds of volunteers welcome more than 4,000 families to our food pantries, work with 600 at-risk families to prevent or end homelessness, and offer on-the-job training and job search mentoring every year. Arm In Arm believes it takes our whole community to ensure that everyone thrives—and when everyone is thriving, we all benefit. Learn more at