A Note from Executive Director David Fox

Greetings! I am grateful to be serving as the new Executive Director of Arm In Arm. As staff member Cecilia said while training me in our pantry, “It is our great blessing to be able to serve others.”

Having spent 20 years collectively at Covenant House, the largest private program for homeless youth in the world, and Bonnie Brae, a residential school and treatment center in Bernards Township, I have dedicated most of my professional life to serving at-risk youth and families across our state—including Newark, Camden, and Asbury Park. I have focused on building partnerships with individuals, corporations, foundations, faith communities, and both educational and health care institutions.

David Fox (far right) with Arm In Arm’s NextGen young professionals advisory board, staff, and Board liaison.

I was drawn to Arm In Arm’s incredible mission helping people secure the basic needs of food, housing, and  the means to sustain them while doing so with a sense of dignity, respect, and excellence. As a graduate of Princeton and St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminaries with experience leading several faith communities, I am inspired by Arm In Arm’s history of mobilizing diverse stakeholders for the common good. As a former college professor and life-long student, I am energized by the compassion and motivation of our supporters, and by our position as a thought leader helping people and communities thrive. As a husband and father of five who owes so much to the kindness and support of others, I know we all need help of some kind and are truly “better together.”

Arm In Arm has touched the lives of so many people in profound ways over the last 40 years. Through the vision of our former leader Carolyn Biondi and the dedication of Board and staff, we are now uniquely positioned to expand our work in deeper, more meaningful ways.

I am spending my first 90 days addressing immediate concerns and getting to know Arm In Arm in all of our facets: clients, staff, Board, supporters, volunteers, and community partners. My goal is to understand our people, processes, and property, and then to offer an educated assessment of how we might become even better.

I would be honored to speak with you, to hear about your history with Arm In Arm, and to discuss ways we can realize our full potential together. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone.

Thank you for all you do to help Arm In Arm.

David R. Fox, PhD
Executive Director
609-396-9355 x13