Client Spotlight: Lisa

“Before I came to Arm In Arm, I didn’t think I’d be able to have this house. This home. It’s not a house, it’s home. I’m so grateful to Arm In Arm for helping me out. I would not be here right now without you.” -Lisa, Housing Client

Lisa worked all her life until a disability got in the way. After her husband passed away 7 years ago, she was left homeless. Eventually, she was able to find an apartment, but it provided little relief. “I lived in a complex with no heat and no hot water. I was cold and I have a respiratory condition. My stove didn’t work. It was just really bad,” Lisa told us. When she decided to leave, she was refused her security deposit.

Unable to afford a new apartment, Lisa turned to Arm In Arm. Our housing program provided her with the funds needed to secure a safe, clean, and stable apartment. “When I first came home here, I just cried, because I couldn’t believe it. Right now I’m feeling so much better. I know that I might be able to reach out and help someone else.”

You can help more people like Lisa by contributing to Arm In Arm’s 50 Family Challenge. Every dollar donated directly supports our efforts to ensure that everyone in our community has a place they can truly call home.