Reflections From Our Summer Interns

Last week, we said goodbye as the last of our summer interns headed back to school. Since June, we had the opportunity to work with several impressive students, who dedicated their summers to supporting the mission and programs of Arm In Arm. Before they finished their internships, we asked each of them to share their thoughts on their time with Arm In Arm. Read what they had to say below!

“Working as the Summer Lunch Program coordinator, I learned just how important one meal can be to an entire family. Never have I been so humbled and grateful to be able to work anywhere like I am at Arm In Arm. They are doing incredible work, and I am happy to contribute to it.” Kevin Brady, The College of New Jersey

“Working at Arm in Arm this summer provided me the opportunity to apply knowledge, skills, and resources that Princeton University has given me to an organization close to our campus. Arm In Arm is a welcoming environment, and one of my favorite parts of working there was meeting and getting to know its staff and the community they serve: they are a dedicated and passionate team who strive to serve their community in the best possible way.” Gwyndolyn Goldfeder, Princeton University

“Arm in Arm has been a helpful experience. They encouraged me to look ahead in life through real life counseling, and job enforcement. They’ve allowed me to help give back to the community and also connect different businesses to get ahead in life. Overall I would say this has been a great job experience. I would like to thank everyone in the organization as well as the mayor for giving me this opportunity.” Vincent Hall, Mercer County Community College

“The compassion, dignity, and respect with which Arm In Arm treats its clients is truly remarkable…and, unfortunately, quite rare in today’s world. Every day that I’m here, I witness the power of a pleasant conversation or genuine smile, and staff members and volunteers alike going above and beyond to improve the lives of everyone who walks through our doors. I’m grateful for everything I’m learning in my time here, and can’t wait to go forward and apply it elsewhere. The world needs more Arm In Arms!” Colleen Heidorn, Princeton University