Volunteer Opportunities

I want to help people in my community

Provide healthy food for their families

Help in the Pantry

Monday-Thursday, 9 am-12 pm, 123 East Hanover Street & 716 South Clinton Ave, Trenton

Third Saturday each month, 9 am-12 pm, 123 East Hanover Street, Trenton

Arm In Arm’s pantries served served visitors more than 21,000 times in 2016. We welcome individuals and groups of up to 10 volunteers to join us in this work at our Trenton pantry locations.

Pantry volunteers may act as personal shoppers, unload and shelve donations, package groceries for our home food delivery program, or deliver groceries to our homebound and elderly neighbors.

Work in the Garden

Monday-Friday, 9 am-12 pm, 123 East Hanover Street, Trenton

Located on site at our East Hanover Street location, the Arm In Arm garden helps supply fresh local produce to our pantry customers, while also serving as a green space in the city. We regularly need volunteers to help water and tend the garden during our growing season, typically May through October.

Organize a Drive

Food and personal care drives help Arm In Arm serve more people while adding variety for our customers. Please remember to check the expiration dates before donating your items. To organize a food or personal care drive, please contact Becca Jensen Compton. Download shopping and donation suggestions for:

  • A Food Drive (Please note: we do NOT need pasta, rice, or peanut butter currently)
  • A Personal Care Products Drive
  • Garden and Fresh Produce Donations

Nothing beats fresh, local produce in the summer, but for some accessing that produce can be difficult, even impossible. Here are three easy ways you can partner with Arm In Arm to help:

  • Give a portion of your CSA farm share to our pantry, or consider purchasing a share exclusively to donate
  • Set aside a portion from your own vegetable garden for Arm In Arm
  • Talk to your school or congregation about sharing a portion of their community garden harvest with Arm In Arm. No community garden at your school or church? Why not start one?

Welcome Home Packages help families and individuals in our case management program move into a home and start on the path to long-term stability and self-sufficiency with supplies for cleaning, kitchen, bed, bath, and more. To arrange a welcome home project, please contact Elizabeth Wall.

Community food drives, organized by our partner, Yes We CAN! Food Drives, take place throughout the year at local grocery stores and farmers markets. To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Becca Jensen Compton or Alison Politziner (Yes We CAN!).

Find work and financial stability

Mentor a Job Trainee

Guide adult work trainees as they improve their Internet navigation and communication skills, complete web-based and written employment applications, and engage in job search follow-up. Mentors may choose to meet with clients on site at our Trenton locations, or schedule at least five mentorship calls to take place over the course of the program.

Conduct Practice Interviews

Help workforce development clients build their confidence and professional communication skills by volunteering as a practice interviewer. We need volunteers to help with on-site mock interviews and to conduct practice phone interviews remotely.  Volunteers may sign up to come in or make calls as needed, Monday through Thursday 9am-3pm.

Achieve housing stability

Volunteer with the homelessness prevention team

Monday & Thursday 9am-12pm, Wednesday 1pm-3pm, 123 East Hanover Street, Trenton

Whether greeting clients as they come in, assisting with administrative tasks, or interviewing applicants, our homelessness prevention and housing stability volunteers help build a positive and efficient environment to ensure our clients receive the resources they need.

Have a special skill you would like to use to help Arm In Arm? Please Contact Becca Jensen Compton, beccaj@arminarm.org to discuss custom volunteer opportunities.

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