Mission and History

Our Mission

Partnering with our community to achieve stability for our neighbors in need

Who we are

For more than three decades we have been a reliable source of food and financial support for thousands of Mercer County families in need.  Formerly known as The Crisis Ministry, we were Young boy with Vegetablesfounded in 1980 by leaders of Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton and Trinity Church in Princeton to help families and individuals struggling financially in the recession of the time.  Today fifteen staff members and hundreds of volunteers provide healthy food for more than 4,000 families, financial assistance and support for more than 600 families threatened with homelessness, and job training and support for dozens of people struggling to find employment.  In 2016, we changed our name to Arm In Arm to reflect the positive partnership we have with our community and the collaborative spirit we have in supporting our neighbors in need.

Arm In Arm is a place where our community comes together to make sure that we all have the most basic needs of food and shelter and as possible, the livelihood to maintain them.  In addition to the volunteer support we rely on from the community, we receive food donations and financial support from individuals, civic groups, congregations, local businesses, foundations, corporations and local government.  We know that it takes our whole community to help everyone thrive, and we believe that when everyone is thriving, we all benefit.  As our tagline states, we are indeed better together.

Arm In Arm is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization, and does not endorse a specific political or religious viewpoint.