Join Me in Helping Arm In Arm Turn Pandemic Relief Into Sustainable Social Change

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your support of Arm In Arm and for your desire to learn more about our vision for turning pandemic relief into sustainable social change. I am not only incredibly proud of the work that this organization is doing to help our neighbors in need, but am proud to offer my support and investment in their efforts to do more. A new refrigerated van and upgraded software will enable them to transform more lives of Mercer County neighbors who are struggling.

I would encourage you to connect with Arm In Arm Executive Director, David Fox and Chief Development Officer, Maureen Hunt, who can share more about the vision and, if you choose to support these initiatives, work with you to structure a gift that honors your wishes.

As I shared previously, we pay close attention to how every dollar is spent, because every dollar counts. Should you wish to make a one-time gift, easily, feel free to use the donation link below or mail your gift directly to Arm In Arm.

Thank you for your consideration and for your ongoing support of Arm In Arm!

Deborah Toppmeyer
Arm In Arm Board Co-Chair