BlackRock and Arm In Arm: Better Together

Arm In Arm is grateful for the historic partnership of our friends at BlackRock in helping us to serve clients across all three of our programs and make a positive impact in the community.  For more than 10 years, BlackRock, and their employees have provided key support through: donations; grants; matching gifts; in-kind donations; and as volunteers. The last two weeks we have been thrilled to welcome back several groups from BlackRock who assisted in preparing hundreds of grocery bags for distribution to community members. While several employees volunteer in Arm In Arm’s food pantries on a regular basis, group activities had been kept to a minimum due to the pandemic.  

Arm In Arm has also been fortunate to receive the BlackRock Gives grant, which has helped us to provide hundreds of Homelessness Prevention and Housing Stability clients with financial literacy counseling critical to their future stability and sustainability. BlackRock food drives and in-kind donations have yielded thousands of pounds of food for community members and several BlackRock employees have gone above and beyond in their service to Arm In Arm, serving as members of Arm In Arm’s Board of Directors and NextGen Council.

BlackRock Managing Director, Elizabeth Koehler, currently serves as Chair of Arm In Arm’s Board of Directors and continues to play a pivotal role in helping to organize food drives, as well as volunteer activities for BlackRock employees to ‘give back’ by working in our pantries. She shared, “We believe we’ve developed a strong, meaningful partnership between Arm in Arm and BlackRock, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve our community through volunteering, food drives, donations or other service. We are inspired, Arm in Arm, by all that you do.”

Thank you BlackRock for all you do for Arm In Arm and our community!