Lucy’s Story

Arm In Arm met Lucy, a school bus driver, and her daughter Jackie, a college student, this past fall. Despite being furloughed when the pandemic hit, Lucy was managing to keep up with her bills. However, when a medical issue required her to go on disability, her stability was threatened. Like so many families, Lucy had trouble navigating the system: her benefits were uncertain; her job was not fully restored; and she wasn’t sure where she could turn to for help.

When Lucy came to Arm In Arm, she was 4 months behind on her mortgage and was worried she would not only lose the home she had worked so hard for, but also that Jackie would have to drop out of school. Arm In Arm stepped in and bridged the gap for Lucy and Jackie, providing the back mortgage payments to ensure they could stay in their home.

Today, Lucy is healthy and working steadily, and Jackie is back at school. They are so grateful to Arm In Arm’s Housing Team for providing the critical resources necessary for them to remain in their home, and regain their stability.