Jennifer’s Story

Last April, Jennifer’s life was in chaos and she wasn’t sure where to turn. Prior to the onset of the pandemic, her husband, who was the main caretaker for their two young children, became ill and then sadly passed away. Through stably employed as a home health aide, Jennifer had to take time off both to care for her husband in his final days, and then, afterward as she attempted to find sufficient childcare. The pandemic only exacerbated things as Jennifer and her children were in a downward spiral: she had fallen behind on rent and their family’s stability was in jeopardy. Jennifer turned to Arm In Arm for support as her world around her continued to change.

Arm In Arm was able to lighten the burden for Jennifer as she got back on her feet and rebuilt her life. With resources to cover her rent, Jennifer was able to focus on her children and their care, while also returning to work. Jennifer and her children are now financially stable and adjusting to their new normal. Arm In Arm was honored to be able to help and offer hope to this family during a very dark time in their lives.