Welcome to Arm In Arm

Hunger Prevention and Healthy Living: Clients served through this program have an average annual household income of $15,000, far short of the resources needed for essential costs and adequate food.  Our three client-choice food pantries and home food delivery to elderly, homebound clients provide a variety of heart-healthy foods and fresh produce to people of all ages across Mercer County. Additionally, we host nutrition lessons, offer free health and vision screenings, and grow up to 900 pounds of produce per year in our own community garden.

 Homelessness Prevention and Housing Stability: With support to avoid eviction, foreclosure, or shut-off of utilities, and assistance to restore housing through security deposit, this program is an effective, respected, and much needed community resource for the low-income population of Mercer County. Tax preparation, budgeting, and personal finance sessions empower clients with knowledge and tools to maximize income and savings, while households receive one-time stability assistance or longer term, more in-depth support as they regain financial stability.

Workforce Development: Men and women participating in this program pursue job skills and employment readiness training, gaining experience in customer service, inventory, and food handling by working in our food pantries. With support to improve computer literacy, complete job applications, prepare resumes, and enhance their employment marketability with online certificate courses, our program members are poised to enter the workforce.  License to Succeed offers financial and administrative assistance to restore or obtain driver’s licenses, a key requirement for many employment opportunities and an advantage in attaining higher wages.