Why We Give: Arm In Arm supporters share their stories

As 2018 draws to a close, we celebrate the resilience and perseverance of more than 11,000 people of all ages who work arm in arm with us to increase their own food, housing, and employment stability. We also celebrate those who are committed to improving the lives of Mercer County neighbors in need of a helping hand—those friends and partners whose financial support demonstrates confidence in the work we do in our shared community. We asked a few of those friends what motivates them to support Arm In Arm. Here is what they had to say:

BILL CREAGER, donor since 2001

After a few years of bull markets, we were lucky enough to own some stock that had grown in value, but also realistic enough to know that we never could have invested at all if not for the blessings of stable housing, predictable food, and the skills and mobility to work. Some of our Mercer County neighbors face crises in one or more of those areas, and Arm In Arm is there for them. It’s a great organization and I enjoy giving to them: they are transparent, they use resources effectively, and they are constantly innovating. Because of the tax benefits, a gift of appreciated stock made sense for us this year, and I hope others in the same situation will be generous as well. But bull market or no, taxes up or down, a gift to Arm In Arm is always an effective way to help support our neighbors and our community.

CAROL WEHRHEIM, donor since 2001

I have known about Arm In Arm from its early days as The Crisis Ministry. Its growth in mission and outreach is impressive.

My favorite New Testament parable is the one about the persistent widow and the judge. The widow is determined to get justice and returns to the judge day after day. Finally, the judge is tired of her and agrees to see that she receives justice. It is this persistent determination for justice that draws me to Arm In Arm. Contributing monetarily to Arm In Arm is my attempt to follow the example of the persistent widow and to seek justice for others, especially those who are powerless, whatever their need.

MARK AND RACHEL HERR, donors since 2005

Why do we support Arm In Arm? We are practicing Christians and we try to live our faith. St. Luke says, “Unto whom much is given, much is expected,” and our response is to help people who are poor and hungry—the very community Arm In Arm serves. We’ve been helping Arm In Arm in feeding the poor and the hungry for more than a decade.

Arm In Arm has a direct impact on the lives of people who need help. Give Arm In Arm $10 (and we hope you give them a lot more than that) and that means someone has food on the table this week; Arm In Arm has low friction costs, low drag and a high velocity of impact.

We live in a polarized and politicized country today, more than it has been in years, but a hungry child doesn’t have a Democratic stomach or a Republican stomach. He has an empty stomach.

So here’s our ask to you: help fill that child’s plate. Give. Whether you have $10 or $10,000, every dollar you give helps us feed people who are hungry. You might not think you are your brother’s keeper, but you are. Help us. Give.

BRIAN AND PAULA DANIELS, donors since 2011

We first learned about Arm In Arm from your dynamic director Carolyn Biondi and have supported Arm In Arm and previously The Crisis Ministry for more than 6 years.

We are big evangelists for Arm In Arm among our friends and encourage them to contribute as well. When we lived in the Trenton area, we liked the fact that this was a local cause. We could see how lives were being improved directly. We also think the strategy of getting people beyond just the food bank to housing and employment is the right focus. This is about meaningfully changing people’s lives for the better.

As a strong and vibrant team, we can ensure that everyone thrives. We are truly better together!