Arm In Arm Strikes Out Summer Hunger with the United Way of Greater Mercer County

Carolyn Biondi, Executive Director of Arm In Arm, with Sandra Toussaint, President & CEO of United Way of Greater Mercer County. UWGMC is supporting Arm In Arm with a summer 2017 grant of $5,000 to strike out summer hunger. With our bountiful community garden as a summertime backdrop, Arm in Arm's Carolyn Biondi with UWGMC's Sandra Toussaint and Tarry Truitt.

Left to right in the photos above, Carolyn Biondi, Arm In Arm’s Executive Director, welcomed UWGMC’s Sandra Toussaint, President & CEO, and Tarry Truitt, Community Relations Director, for a tour and visit. During the July 26 visit, Sandra presented our summer 2017 food purchase grant of $5,000.

Many thanks to the United Way of Greater Mercer County for vital support as we join forces to Strike Out Summer Hunger in 2017! This support is so important — it helps to ensure that we keep our three busy pantries filled with a variety of foods for our customers – especially the children for whom the summer months away from school can mean an increase in hunger.

As part of Arm In Arm’s summer 2017 partnership with UWGMC, a team of our staff members pitched in with the Strike Out Hunger oatmeal packing event June 27! Heart healthy food is a hallmark of our pantries, and the oatmeal packets delivered to Arm In Arm as a result of that enormous community-wide effort were greatly appreciated by our customers and their families.