SETTING UP STUDENTS FOR SUCCESS:                                                                               Join us for Robbins School Supply Drive!

Hear from Laura, All Kids Thrive Navigator Luis Rivera, and Executive Director David Fox about why preparing students for success is important now more than ever.

It’s not just Mondays that are all about people. It is every day that we need to connect with each other, even while staying apart.

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With that in mind, I am partnering with Arm In Arm and Robbins School in Trenton to launch a school supply drive for all 570 of their elementary students. Arm In Arm’s work with Robbins through All Kids Thrive over the past 2 years has been incredibly important and impactful. It is critical we do our part in creating opportunity for our neighbors, particularly our children. 

These supplies are urgently needed for our students to succeed. Please consider purchasing specific items through the Amazon registry. Your gift means students can be fully present in their education and sets them up for success in the future. 

Can I count on you? Let’s help these “Robbins” be ready!

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My name is Laura, and I am an Arm In Arm Board member. Before COVID, my Mondays were all about people. I have been volunteering at Arm In Arm every Monday since 2011. In my role as an intake specialist, I meet clients each week who share with me their heartbreaking stories of struggle. They are individuals just like you and me, simply trying to get by–but despite their efforts, the hardships life has thrown them have resulted in a very real threat of homelessness. It is not easy for neighbors to come in and ask for help, and no two stories are the same. It is my job to listen, understand the obstacles, and provide resources to help community members on their path to stability. Perhaps most importantly, I offer hope. At Arm In Arm, our community is met with kindness, compassion, and dignity we all deserve. 

Since March, I have been unable to volunteer. The pandemic has changed so many things. I knew I needed to lend a hand, and so I did–raising funds by making masks and science kits available for donation. But I want to do more.